Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who is Dr. Abigail Tyler of The Fourth Kind

Here's the truth behind the movie The Fourth Kind and Dr. Abigail Tyler. The movie starts out very convincingly telling you what you are about to see is all true and real. In the movie "The Fourth Kind," actress Milla Jovovich portrays Dr. Abigail Tyler of Nome, Alaska, a psychiatrist who stumbles upon an "alien abduction" link between her patients, during clinical hypnotherapy sessions.

The movie is loosely based on the actual story of 24 villagers in Nome Alaska who's mysterious deaths and disappearances occurred between 1960 and 2004. The FBI did investigate and eventually some cases were attributed to serial killings. In other cases alcohol was a big factor in the victims disappearances. While the alien abduction theory has not been ruled out in the real stories of the missing or dead persons, it is not one that is widely believed by many Alaskans.

The movie uses the image of an owl many times. The owl is the manifestation of the aliens on the normal plane of vision. Perhaps the filmmakers chose this creature because they have excellent vision and are perceived to be wise creatures. Plus they look very spooky at night in the setting of this movie. 

Alcohol abuse and suicide are extremely high in Alaska as compared to other states. Alaska's population is roughly 680,000 making them 47 in 50 states. Alaska is the number on largest state with the most spread out population. With thousands of square miles of forest and mountains in Alaska, making travel between many cities and villages only possible by plane or boat, solving murder mysteries would be a very difficult challenge. Of course on can not be sure aliens are not at work in this remote part of the world.

If there really did exist a Dr. Abigail Tyler in the real life events, we don't know it for sure. The Fourth Kind was a decent movie taking only 6.8 stars out of 10 on Personally seeing the Fourth Kind was entertaining but one time is enough for watching The Fourth Kind.

The Fourth Kind Movie Trailer, Universal, 2009


  1. i've heard it is based on true that true???

  2. Its supposed to be based on true events. I've seen this movie and live in the middle of Alaska and its creepy how isolated we are. There is something I disagree with, with the skeptics and law enforcement agencies who have investigated these disappearances. If all of the these disappearances are alcohol related how come its not happening else where in Alaska where the population is more or less? Our towns and cities are small and people drink heavily, but why is Nome getting all the missing people? Answer that FBI and state troopers!

  3. I appreciate your comments from where you live in the middle of Alaska, Eskimo81. Maybe since you live closer than me in California and you know the state better than I, do you think you could do some more digging/investigating and report back here? Many UFO stories are shrouded in secrecy and it's hard to believe reports. I believe in God as in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and that by his word all things in the universe were created. I believe supernatural things happen when we by our choices open the door to such activity in the natural plane. I believe angels and demons are the culprits in most alien stories. There are several examples I can point to in scripture where angels and demons did stuff to or for people. That being said we should never try to invoke them or pray to them or even revere them. Proverbs teaches that wisdom is to fear God and no other god or created thing.

    1. I totally agree with you editor. When people open themselves to the paranormal, such unexplained events can take place. We are so bombarded by alien/paranormal type movies that we are forgetting what the bible teaches us of evil entities and spirits. I pray for the world that they may not forget what God teaches us, that we should fear HIM and let no other god take HIS place.

  4. its not true its made up the real Abigail tyler in the movie archive footage is played by british actress charlotte milchard